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Innovative Veterinary Specialist Support For GP Vets.

We help General Vet Practitioners to learn by practice; deliver significantly improved diagnoses & Treatments.

Report Interpretation

MRI | Radiograph | Any lab report

Whether your patient requires radiographs, CT Scan, or MRI, be confident. Because our veterinary specialist Team will be right by your side to perform a thorough analysis. Our specialists from diagnostic imaging can guide you on how to identify any abnormality.


recognition | assessment | treatments

Tailored to the individual animal, based on up-to-date knowledge. The treatment options can vary from pharmacological to the nutraceutical, and from environmental adaptations to other complementary therapies.

Second Opinion

Clinical | Surgical | Medicinal

Our Multi-disciplinary Virtual Referral Service ensures that every vet can offer a broad range of services to clients. We help gain confidence in your decisions for complex cases, its convenient for your clients and less stressful for the patients.

A multidisciplinary Support

We enable GP vets to offer a broad range of services. Our team of specialists is here to help and to support you with complex cases at your practice.

Achieve excellence at your practice

Offer Specialist level services

Complex cases are usually referred to specialists but with VetSpoke® you will be able to treat complex veterinary cases at your practice.

Make decisions confidently

Be even more confident in your diagnosis & treatments for veterinary cases. Our specialists will help you make the right decision every time.

No Waiting

No long waiting time on the phone with referral centres. Just submit your request with test reports & receive the report in less than 48h.

offer more services

Having veterinary specialists on board with you will enable you to offer more services to your clients. It can become a strong Unique Selling Point.

learn by practice

learn from cases while guided by veterinary specialists throughout the process. Learn & Perform better diagnosis and its treatment.

Ideal for patients

By acquiring VetSpoke® services you can ensure that the patients will remain calm in the familiar environment and you can provide efficient service to your clients.

Online veterinary specialist

Simple & Effective Process to consult your cases online

Vetspoke® have made it easier for the general practitioner vets to communicate cases for consultation effectively. Our chat feature enables you to easily upload & attach all documents related to the case.

What makes us different?

Specialists from multiple disciplines

A team of veterinary specialists from multiple disciplines will be available to support you with complex cases.

A detailed report in just 48 hours

After the case submission, our veterinary specialists will process & analyse the provided data. A complete report will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

Learn as you go

Benefit from the “Know-how” webinars section where you can learn tips and skills on common yet difficult clinical cases

30 Days free Followup

After the first consultation, you are not left alone. Instead, VetSpoke® will grant you free 30 days follow-up to make sure that your case is effectively resolved.

Transfer documents via chat

VetSpoke® chat supports almost all file formats to attach and send functionality.

Accessible from anywhere

An online platform that gives you an edge to log, communicate and follow up on your cases from anywhere in the world.

Online Veterinary Consultation Process

How it works?

Consulting a Veterinary Specialist at VetSpoke® is simple. Just choose a speciality to start a consultation and a specialist will get in touch with you.

Fill the form, upload your results and start a consultation. Our specialist will send a detailed report in 48 hours and will be available to follow your case for 30 days.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Wait for results

At VetSpoke® we ensure and prioritize quality service delivered every time. You will get a detailed report including a therapy plan within 48 hours

Step 4

30-Day follow up

After the initial report, our specialists will be available to chat with you up to 30 days.

Why choose us?

Stay ahead of the competition

Join our virtual veterinary referral centre that offers an online specialist consultation platform. With VetSpoke®, you can consult with veterinary specialists from multiple disciplines whenever needed for your patients.

Through our service, you can offer a multidisciplinary approach to complex animal health issues and the patients can have the ease of staying in the familiar environment.

Comp 1
Vet Specialist 2

Great job! The staff is cooperative. Looking forward to 30 day follow-up.


Morag Boardman


Absolutely outstanding, I was sceptical at first but the Vetspoke team made it very easy. My case was reviewed thoroughly and I got the report in less than 13 hours. Highly recommended!

Darren Bailey

GP Vet


simple and easy to follow consultation process. It took some time to get the report but the report was in detail. value for money, recommended.


Patricia Collins

Private Clinic Owner

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