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Be a part of VetSpoke® and get a team of Veterinary Specialists on board at your practice. Our Vet Specialists will enable you to offer a wider range of services to your clients and treat more complex conditions

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Online Veterinary Consultation Process

How It works?

Consulting a Veterinary Specialist at VetSpoke® is simple. 

Choose a specialty to start a consultation and a specialist will get in touch with you

Fill the form, upload your results and start a consultation. Our specialist will send a detailed report in 48 hours and will be available to follow your case for 30 days.

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Step 3

Wait for results

At VetSpoke® we ensure and prioritize quality service delivered every time. You will get a detailed report including a therapy plan within 48 hours

Step 4

30-Day follow up

After the initial report, our specialists will be available to chat with you up to 30 days.

About Us

How Our Veterinary Referral Center Started?

Mattia Basili and Matteo Rossanese – The brains behind VetSpoke® are well versed veterinary specialists that are on a mission to revolutionize veterinary health care. Having earned their certAVP along with specialization in cardiology and surgery, respectively. For us, it’s not only about health and welfare, but the extra love and care that animals require.

“Over the years, we identified the problem in our current specialists’ consultation system. We have seen many animals that could have improved quickly with the right advice but specialist consultation was either delayed or not considered. Sometimes, pets don’t need to travel miles to reach a referral center. Not only this, our fellow vet professionals have lost clients and revenue due to this situation

Therefore we have come up with a solution to put an end to this problem. 

VetSpoke® is an online veterinary referral center run by vets, for vets. Through this platform, general practitioners can consult specialists via our chat and documents sharing feature.

We believe in helping every animal and every vet out there. Our team of highly experienced veterinary specialists have the answers to complex issues regarding your patient- Working along with our team you will learn and improve your skills from your practice!”

So let’s partner up and provide our animals with the best possible healthcare – Because our pets deserve the best.

Our goal is to empower you as a veterinary professional by enabling you to retain more clients and deliver more services than ever.

Co-Founders VetSpoke® Ltd.

Why Choose Us?

What VetSpoke® Veterinary Specialists Consultation is all About?

We are a virtual veterinary referral centre that offers an online specialist consultation platform. Via VetSpoke®, you can consult with veterinary specialists from multiple disciplines – whenever needed for your patients. Through this service, you can offer a multidisciplinary approach to complex animal health issues and the patients can have the ease of staying in the familiar environment.

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Contact Us

About Us

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Our dream is to deliver the best customer experience to YOUR clientele… and consequently, Empower veterinary professionals.

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