1. What is VetSpoke and how does it work?

VetSpoke is an online platform that connects you with veterinary specialists for advice and support on your pet’s health condition. You can chat with a specialist in real time, share images and videos, and get a written report with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment. You can use VetSpoke on any device with a browser and internet connection, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

2. How can VetSpoke help me as a pet parent?

VetSpoke can help you as a pet parent by providing you with access to expert guidance and second opinions from specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine. You can get the best up-to-date advice and care for your pet, without having to travel or wait for a referral. You can also learn more about your pet’s condition and how to manage it at home.

3. How can I register with VetSpoke and start using the service?

Registering is free! To register with VetSpoke, you need to fill out a simple online form with your personal and pet details, and agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Once you register, you can log in to the VetSpoke webapp and select the speciality you need from the list of available options. You can then start a chat with a specialist and get the help you need.

4. What are the benefits of VetSpoke for my pet and me?

The benefits of VetSpoke for your pet and you are manifold. You can save time and money by avoiding unnecessary travel, reduce the stress and discomfort for your pet when travelling to a referral centre while getting advice at home or at your local vet, and improve your pet’s quality of life by getting the best possible care. You can also increase your confidence and knowledge in caring for your pet by learning from the specialists.

5. What are the specialities offered by VetSpoke and who are the specialists?

The specialities offered by VetSpoke include cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging and more. The specialists are EBVS boarded veterinary specialists, which means they have completed rigorous training and examinations in their respective fields. They are also experienced clinicians who work in referral centres or universities across Europe and the US.

6. How much does VetSpoke cost and how do I pay for the service?

VetSpoke costs £120 (excluding vat) per consultation, which includes a chat with a specialist and a written report with recommendations. You can pay for the service using a credit or debit card through a secure online payment system. You will receive an invoice and a receipt for each consultation if you require one.

7. Can I claim VetSpoke costs through my insurance?

This depends on the type and terms of your pet insurance policy. Some policies may cover the cost of online consultations with specialists, while others may not. You should check with your insurance provider before using VetSpoke to see if you are eligible for reimbursement. You will need to provide them with the invoice and the receipt from VetSpoke as proof of payment. We are always happy to help you with insurance enquiries although your insurer might have more accurate information.

8. How do I communicate with the specialists and what information do I need to provide?

To communicate with the specialists, you need to use the VetSpoke webapp on any device: laptop, smartphone, tablet. You can type messages, send images and videos using the webapp. You need to provide relevant information about your pet’s condition, such as the history, clinical signs, test results, and treatment plan when available. You can decide to share our report and information with your local vet. This will ensure a more efficient and synergic work. This is though not mandatory.

9. What is the response time for VetSpoke specialists?

If all the required information is provided during the submission process, we aim to deliver a report within 48 working hours. The average response time for VetSpoke specialists might vary based on availability and demand of the speciality you choose. VetSpoke will also inform you of any delays or changes in the performance of the service.

10. Can I use VetSpoke for emergency cases?

VetSpoke does not currently offer emergency service. If your pet requires emergency care, please contact your local vet immediately.

11. How do I access the learning resources and case studies on VetSpoke?

To access the learning resources and case studies on VetSpoke, you need to log in to the VetSpoke website using your email and password. You can browse through various topics and categories of interest, such as cardiology cases, dermatology tips, or neurology quizzes. You can also download PDF files or watch video lectures from the specialists.

12. How do I give feedback or report a problem with VetSpoke?

To give feedback or report a problem with VetSpoke, you can use the contact form on the VetSpoke website or email us at info@vetspoke.com. We appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our service and make it more useful for you. We also aim to resolve any issues or complaints as soon as possible.

13. How do I cancel or reschedule a consultation with VetSpoke?

To cancel or reschedule a consultation with VetSpoke, you need to contact us at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. You can do this by using the contact form on the VetSpoke website or emailing us at info@vetspoke.com. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee of £60. If you reschedule within 24 hours, you will be charged an additional £30 for the new consultation.